Tuesday, May 24, 2005

"I used to be a writer."

As soon as I said it, I felt a stutter come on, and suddenly wanted to correct myself. I couldn't, though, because it was true - what kind of writer doesn't create anything of substance for almost five years? Even Harper Lee must have a stash of scribblings we'll get to read after she dies (come on, already!).

In truth, "I'm a writer" is a familiar refrain for any ex-writer who thinks it will get him laid at parties, and color me guilty of that pathetic display. But this was the first time I recalled my writing days in the past tense - basically, the first time I recalled it honestly.

The person I said this to knew my work from a previous life, back when I was a bit more prolific. He (yes, "he" - the honesty is a bit more understandable) wondered why I had given it up, and I answered that it was my laziness, combined with not working under a deadline, that contributed most to my apathy. "Well, at least you should have a blog," he said.

Ah yes, a blog. I am quite familiar with the world of the weblog, having read a few good ones along with a couple thousand simpering, pretentious puddles of word vomit. I have been wary of entering this arena for awhile, only because it reeks of wearing faux-worn boot-cut jeans, drinking Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper, and watching "Lost" - I mean, everybody's doing it*.

Of course, the revelatory moment for me is the realization I just RSVP'd for a "Lost" viewing party, while wearing Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper-stained faux-worn boot-cut jeans. I am such a Conformist I have to capitalize it. Starting a blog is the least of my mass-marketed mind's worries.

Anyway, what you're initially going to find here is an example of the simpering, pretentious word vomit I referenced. I am hardly a modest fellow - I have no problem telling you I used to be a pretty good writer. However, that guy is some years in the past, and initially he doesn't seem easy to find. If you'll bear with me, though, something coherent might come out of all this. In time.

And that's the big test - time, both "how long" and "how much" I invest here. I'm going to try to make this a daily affair, with numerous updates for those of you quick with the "refresh" button (details of the exact content to be forthcoming). I need to springboard myself back into the mindset of writing, and if I don't find myself improving or enjoying it, my writer status will remain in the "used to" category.

As for introductions, if you're reading at this stage, chances are good you already know me. So let's not waste anybody's time. Welcome to the flickering, sputtering spectacle of Martians Attacking Indianapolis.

* and if you're not, you should


DAve said...

How about you work on your softball pitching first, then work on your writing, you selfish mofo.

jason said...

I just added this to my "favorites" so don't mess it up.

Lydia said...

This is totally random, but you are totally HOT!

Josh said...

Wow, the blog is only three days old - and already totally worth it!