Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"School's out... for the summa..."

There are a few advantages to being a teacher. True, a six-figure salary is not one of them - but the two-month vacation I'm embarking on today makes up for a little bit of that.

For those out of the know, I've been long-term subbing for first and third grade classes the past six months. It's fairly tiring work, but it did land me a full-time job for next fall (teaching fifth grade at a neighboring school). The best thing about this is, of course, I can now easily answer the question, "So what do you do for a living?"

The past six years, my responses have been a jumble of nonsense - "I'm a writer - just doing my own stuff at the moment, I guess. Well, I run an Internet business - Ok, I'm an eBay seller. And I'm a teacher. Well, I mean, a substitute teacher. And I'm in school. Yes, I'm 29, what about it?"

Now it's a quick answer: "I'm a 5th grade teacher." Granted, I'm probably not going to pull Alexis Bledel with a teacher's checking account, but it's short and solid, dammit. Anyway, I refuse to think about next fall right now. This is where I stretch my arms wide, hum "Eye of the Tiger," and celebrate my freedom.

"It's the eye of the tig..."

Oh right, my first summer class at Mercer starts in 45 minutes. Fuck.


Riley said...

It's solid, necessary work. I like teachers. Congratulations, Josh.

Lydia said...

Well its a late congrats, but it counts none the less. Good luck with it and you teachers should most definately make more money.