Friday, May 27, 2005

What timing.

"Longest Yard" star Eddie Albert can now roll over in his grave about tragic Adam Sandler remake.


DAve said...

I think someone read this entry, then e-mailed Bill Simmons:

Q: I couldn't agree with you more about your "The Longest Yard" column. Would you agree with me when I say that Eddie Albert died during the opening week of this incredibly ridiculous remake, just so that he could have a grave in which he could roll over?
– Michael Collins, Marietta, Ga.

SG: Absolutely. I think Adam Sandler and Chris Rock should be charged with his death. I just keep picturing Eddie watching TV in a chair in his convalescent home, seeing a "Longest Yard" ad, rising from his chair in shock (like he did in the movie every time Paul Crewe made a big play), then keeling over. And yes, I can make these jokes – the guy was 99.

We're on to you, Michael Collins of Marietta... if that's your real name.

Josh said...

I saw that too. I'd cast a conspiratorial eye on it as well, if it weren't such an obvious joke to make in the first place.