Wednesday, June 01, 2005

60 divided by 2

My dad turned 60 yesterday. Sixty freakin' years old. That's 21,900 days to you an me, Russ.

I remember when my grandfather was in his 60s, and now he’s 60 divided by 10 feet under. My father had me when he was my age - I think my life has gone by relatively quick, so will it now be relatively quick that I turn 60?

“There was a day when I thought 60 was old,” he told me. It occurred to me to say, “Yeah, today,” but I let it go. The truth is, he’s hit his latest milestone only a few months before I hit mine – the ripe old age of 30. It’s the first birthday I’ve ever truly dreaded. Seeing my father’s apparent ease at hitting his seventh decade has not helped me in any way.

During my sophomore year of college, a female friend started dating a 30-year-old. I remember telling her that it was crazy – I mean, 30 is just too old for somebody our age. Never mind that I had a mad crush on her myself, and would have probably talked her out of dating Prince William because he’s “too British,” but I think I honestly believed that 30-year-olds walked with canes. Or at least were up to no good - and come to think of it, I rarely am. Especially when female college sophomores are involved.


DAve said...

Wow. I guess I should say "Thanks" for not mentioning 1) I'm gonna be 30 before you and 2) that my parents used to go to high school with Yoda and Moses. For once.

Anonymous said...

there is no reason that people should be called old because of their age espically when they are only 30 yrs old and i think if you really love the preson you should be with them it is their business just as long as its not illegal its fine with me