Wednesday, June 22, 2005

East bound and down

Obsessive though I might be, thoughts of "Cannonball Run II" won't leave my head. Late last night, I even noticed the ad guys had put Frank Sinatra and Jackie Chan together on the poster, which just proves that Burt and Co. knew the collaborative dynamite they were handling.

I sincerely think another "Cannonball Run" movie could heal our nation in these trying times. Obviously Burt should be invited back, along with Shirley MacLaine, Jackie Chan, Abe Vigoda, Tony Danza, Jamie Farr and "Cannonball 1" alum Roger Moore (let's face it, Dom DeLuise is probably a shut-in by now).

We need a new generation of Cannonballers, though, and allow me to throw these guys into the ring: Vince Vaughn, Owen and Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller. I mean, all they do is make movies to hang out with their friends, which is exactly what Burt and Dom used to do in the old days. Hell, throw in the "Ocean's 11" crew - Clooney, Pitt, Damon and Cheadle. Sign up Rachel McAdams, Heather Graham and Salma Hayek as the assorted hottie love interests, and for the sake of Chan/Sinatra history, pair Ke Huy Quan with Jack Nicholson. GOLD, JERRY, GOLD!

This will happen when I run Hollywood.


Ellen said...

Yum, Roger Moore.

Anonymous said...

You should definitely run Hollywood. But, if you've got Damon, you've got to have Affleck. Riley, back me up on this one....


Riley said...

Sorry, Affleck's a megatool.

Doug said...

I really like David Hyde Pierce, and for some reason I think he'd be great in a movie like this. And Steve Buscemi — I think there's an actual SAG bylaw now that says you can't film an ensemble-cast movie unless you give a role to Steve Buscemi.

But the biggest name you're leaving off your hypothetical cast? Bill. Fucking. Murray. Don't even act like that wouldn't be awesome.

Josh said...

These days, Bill Murray is too busy doing pretentious, destined-to-be-overrated flicks with the likes of Sofia Coppola and Jim Jarmusch. Well, that, and probably "Garfield 2." I'm not sure he'd have the time for something as life-changing as this.

Riley said...

Dig up Kathleen Turner (OK, so she's on Broadway), and give her something to do.

Match her with Jack, and you'll get a PRIZZI'S reunion.

Anything's better than BABY GENIUSES.

Anonymous said...

Not a Megatool.
You know I love him and he loves me. Yeah, that whole Garner thing is just a cover for his love for me.

Riley, why must you call Affleck names?