Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Seriously, WTF?

A quick gander over at shows thunderstorms in the Atlanta area for the next seven freakin' days. Since I got out of school - oh, almost two weeks ago - I don't think 24 hours have passed without rain of some sort.

I know this too well, because the number one priority on my summer "to do" checklist was to get my yard looking, well, better than it does now (a weed actually started strangling Earl yesterday). At no point has it gotten dry enough to even mow the lawn - except for maybe last Sunday, and I was hung over. And yes, that's a valid excuse.

/end of rant


Lydia said...

Oh my goodness, Earl is so cute. I love pugs. They are the cutest dogs ever. I hate the rain. That is why I live in Sunny California.

Riley said...

Earl's cute. I like the rain.

jason said...

Stop being a fucking pussy and play in the rain like a Sprite commercial.