Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Extreme is more than words

I'm hoping nobody comes here for news updates, so let's assume we all know John G. Roberts, Jr. is Bush's (first?) nominee for the Supreme Court. I'm not going to pretend I'm well read on Roberts (you can go to other blogs for that self-important nonsense), I'll just say what irks me is somehow abortion has become the only issue of import.

I'm conservative, so much so I voted for GWB twice - but pro-choice. Actually, I first typed "very pro-choice," but I hesitate to slap that label on my forehead as to distance myself from extremists. If anything, I take the libertarian stance - abortion is an ugly thing and should be a last option, but it should never be outlawed. And now that we have that out of the way...

Let me announce to both sides, screaming it in my best echoing "Dragoooooo!" voice: Roe v. Wade is in no danger at all of being overturned. Democrats need it, so they can scream "They're going to take away your choice!" at all possible times. Republicans need it, so it can be a campaign issue that energizes their religious right base (a group that most elected Republicans merely give face-time to, but don't take seriously).

In the next few days and weeks, though, you're going to hear all about it from both sides. Leftist interest groups are going to be screaming Roberts is pro-life, right-wing organizations will rail on his pro-choice credentials. A point to remember: these groups rely on hysterics for their own fundraising. A pro-life group needs to rally the troups against some big, often imaginary foe so the donations will keep coming in - and likewise for the choice folks. Whatever you hear about Roberts from either side, take it with a grain of RU-486.

Honestly, abortion is like The Bible - we'd all get along a lot better if it didn't exist. That's an odd statement, because as much as I'm pro-choice, I'm even more pro-Bible. Sadly, though, our society has degenerated into such a "they don't agree with me, so they're eeeeeeevil" mentality, the common symbols of our extremism only serve to bring us further down than up.

Here's hoping this confirmation process goes smoothly and quickly, and the partisan claws aren't fully extended. Here's my prayer: Roberts doesn't like abortion, but honestly believes it isn't the court's place to legislate it. And most of all, he's a conservative in the mold of true less-government-is-more conservatism (COUGHoverturnkeloCOUGH), something our country could truly benefit from.


Kevin said...

Josh and I actually agree on something within the political realm! I'm with you on abortion about it being a last resort and all. However, I'm still a little skeptical of the whole Roberts thing. I'm not screaming from the rooftops like a lot of my leftist counterparts...but I'm still skeptical.

I have to admit though...his son dancing in front of the President on national TV is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time...

jason said...

We know about as much about Roberts as we did David Souter, another Republican appointee; one, incidentally, that turned out to be not-so-conservative.

jason said...

Can't resist adding that the Court already has legislated abortion. What most groups on the left (or libertarian right) fear is an eventual return of that power to state legislatures.