Friday, July 08, 2005

Friday Random 10: The Quest for Peace

If you weren't at the Braves game last night, you missed a helluva show. Andruw Jones hit his major league-leading 27th home run, but the night's highlight was Atlanta native John Francu... Francr... Franoec... that kid from Parkview hitting a dinger in his first game ever. I haven't had a better time at Turner Field in years. And thus, that is my random introduction to this week's Random 10...

1) U2, "Discotheque (David Holmes Mix)"
2) Black Eyed Peas, "Labor Day (It's a Holiday)"
3) U2, "Babyface"
4) John Williams, "Krypton Fanfare"
5) Cutting Crew, "(I Just) Died In Your Arms"
6) Goldfinger, "Feel Like Making Love"
7) The Bangles, "Going Down to Liverpool"
8) U2, "Running to Stand Still"
9) The Simpsons, "Canyonero"
10) The Doors, "The End"

Man, that was a fitting #10, huh?


DAve said...

I definitely wish I'd gone... I didn't even see the game at home because I thought it wasn't on TV.

Josh said...

When is a Braves game ever not on TV?