Friday, July 29, 2005

Friday Random 10: The Revenge

1) Prince, "Diamonds and Pearls"
2) Chris Rock, "No Sex"
3) Eric Cartman, "O Holy Night"
4) Andrea Bocelli, "Time to Say Goodbye"
5) Ned's Atomic Dust Bin, "Saturday Night"
6) U2, "Until the End of the World"
7) Guns N' Roses, "It's So Easy"
8) Old 97's, "What We Talked About"
9) Outkast, "Funky Ride"
10) Bruce Springsteen, "The Big Muddy"

I have a date tonight, so obviously numbers 2 and 3 aren't exactly setting me a'grinnin'. Numbers 7 and 9 could be positive, but just as easily could just pile onto the misery. And I don't even want to think how "The Big Muddy" could play a part.

It will be interesting, at the very least. I met this girl last week in court. I was there protesting a ticket, she was there supporting a friend who'd gotten fined for running a red light. And she didn't even get mad when I blindly assumed she was from Mexico when she's obviously Cuban, which is a good sign. As long as she understands I'm just another dumb white guy from the very beginning, we'll be fine.

Numbers 2 and 3, though...

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Alex said...

1) Beastie Boys, "Hey Ladies"
2) The Allman Brothers, "Ramblin’ Man"
3) Billy Joel, "Piano Man"
4) Raine Maida and Chantal Kreviazuk, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"
5) Billy Joel, "Uptown Girl"
6) U2, "Beautiful Day"
7) Peter Gabriel, "Big Time"
8) David Bowie and Queen, "Under Pressure"
9) Beastie Boys, "Intergalactic"
10) Naked Eyes, "Always Something There to Remind Me"