Saturday, August 27, 2005

Dawn of a season

Bow down to the unstoppable force of Asian Dawn. You've read about them in Time Magazine, no?

Asian Dawn is the latest in a long line of stellar Fantasy Football teams managed by me, Coach Josh Massey. Though the league draft isn't until Tuesday night, Asian Dawn is fully expected to carry on the winning tradition of Coach Massey's other football and baseball powerhouses: Get to the Choppah, Moustache Ride, Cooler Kings, Chicken & White Bitches, Ravenous Mules, Moscone's Bail Bonds, Mid-World Gunslingers, and Crimson Kings, among others.

Fellow fantasy nerds: Who would you take with the first pick? I think LaDainian Tomlinson is a clear-cut number one, but is this going to be the first year you could successfully argue a quarterback (Peyton, of course) in that spot?

Honestly, I hope this isn't even a problem because I'd much rather have the number 8 pick, grab a Willis McGahee, and then have pick 13 (rather than having number 1 and then having to wait until 20 to make a second selection).

Ok, enough of that. Don't you just smell the football in the air, though? The last three weeks have been like an agonizing drawn-out Christmas Eve night for me,... UGA kicks off in seven days, the Falcons just after that, and this will finally be the year I get money from my bookie, not the other way around. Seriously.

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