Friday, August 12, 2005


All to often, people my age (no, I'm not 30 - yet) complain about the demise of their childhood. I tend to stay away from that, only because I probably enjoy the present more than the past.

This, however, causes me to take a step back.

Six Flags was a huge part of my youth, and to see its second-best marquee ride (Scream Machine being the first, of course) close up shop is a little bit sad - especially since it opened the year I was born.

This weekend, pour a little bit out for the Great Gasp, that's all I'm asking.


Marley Angel said...

Okay . . . I'm one of Benji's friends (and readers) so here's my first comment on your site. And no, he didn't ask me to. But I wanted to help you out.

I noticed you have the Stephen King link as well as Roger Ebert and IMDb. Dare I assume that you are big movie buff?

Josh said...

I've been called that before. And worse.

Marley Angel said...

well it's nice to meet a fellow movie buffer. You can't imagine how many people I meet IN L.A. of all places that don't go to the movies and know nothing about movies. Very sad.

Riley said...

I can't believe the Great Gasp is gone. Oh well, at least there's Monster Plantation.