Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tuesday Random 10: The Deadly Art of Illusion

My iPod has been locked in my brother's car for the past few days, thus last week's Friday Random 10 never appeared. And the gnashing of teeth, wailing of virgins, and blood-curdling screams commenced, from the highs of Denver penthouses to the lows of Challenger Deep mountaintops - the absence of Friday Random 10 was affecting the planet's very orbit, and there was only one thing I could do. A Tuesday Random 10.

This is a one-time only affair, kiddies. Don't get used to this midweek treat, but Mr. Massey is feeling particularly kind. If only because I'm completely shot after my first two days of teaching. I feel like I'm in a George Romero movie.

1) U2, "With or Without You"
2) Van Halen, "Poundcake"
3) U2, "Electrical Storm"
4) Peter Gabriel, "Solsbury Hill (Live)"
5) Velvet Underground, "Heroin"
6) Tupac Shakur, "Hail Mary"
7) Passengers, "Miss Sarajevo"
8) Bruce Springsteen, "Living Proof"
9) R.E.M., "Texarkana"
10) Hootie & the Blowfish, "Goodbye Girl"

Thank goodness a teaching-related Random 10 doesn't have anything questionable - I mean, other than heroin, which is hardly questionable to begin with. I'd honestly be more concerned with Tupac's Catholic imagery.

And I am going to see Hootie this weekend (for the sixth time, you jealous bitches), so that's a nice coincidence.

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alex said...

Thanks for posting the random 10 - I nearly had a breakdown when it wasn't there last Friday.

1) Sarah McLachlan, "Fallen"
2) Spin Doctors, "Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong"
3) Sting, "If You Love Somebody Set Them Free"
4) R.E.M., "The Wrong Child"
5) David Gray, "Babylon"
6) Jane’s Addiction, "No One’s Leaving"
7) The Cure, "End"
8) Beastie Boys, "Fight For Your Right"
9) Sarah McLachlan, "Ice Cream (Live)"
10) James Taylor, "That Lonesome Road"