Saturday, August 27, 2005

Why does the word "heights" still make me think of that bad Jamie Walters show?

I love the Grand Canyon - been there a couple of times, done the whole Kevin Kline/Danny Glover "man, this really puts things in perspective" bullshit. But I'm not sure this would be my thing.

While I love to consider myself a fairly brave guy, two things turn me into a quivering 9-year-old girl: extreme heights and alligators (and it does pain the UGA fan in me to admit that). So Joe Rogan, take note: if you ever get me on your show, gator wrestling on this glass-bottomed monstrosity might make for some good TV.

... Actually, on second thought, sex on this thing would be quite interesting, no?


alex said...

"The project is still seeking an insurer, said architect David Jin"

Can't say I'm surprised.

Anonymous said...

i bought the Heights' single, "How Do You Talk to an Angel." Am I ashamed? no. Jamie walters actually went to the prom with a girl from my school, if you can believe that!