Friday, September 02, 2005

Even the pretty ones are evil

CNN's Anderson Cooper lays some smack on rising Dem star Mary Landrieu (D-LA) about Washington's complete bungling of the hurricane tragedy.

I'm a fairly conservative guy, but I'm becoming more and more convinced we need to evict every elected official and just start over - Republicans and Democrats, alike. Apparently Anderson shares some of my feelings.


jason said...

Look at what the relief effort is up against: nearly every road in to the coast is destroyed, as are the roads and bridges that link the coastal communities. The ones that aren't are covered with trees. When rescuers finally arrive, they get shot at. I don't necessarily think the government is doing a great job of responding, but it's a nearly insurmountable task. You know one thing the government did do right? They told everyone to get the(bleep) out. I understand there are some people who couldn't get out, but there are a lot of people who could have.
We all know it's Bush's fault anyway. He caused global warming.

Josh said...

I'll donate to any charity where I can earmark my $$$ for sniper bullets.

And anyway, when I said we need to evict all politicians, the sentiment certainly isn't caused by only this.

Teresa said...

Great post! I have been waiting for your comments on this tragedy. I am a so called liberal, but tend not to put people into neat little boxes. You are very profific and I see your blog as having great potential. Post more.

ACG said...

Jason, the 2000 census said that 110,000 people in New Orleans depended entirely on mass transit in their everyday lives. While some people did stay out of sheer pissedness, that number is so negligible as to be not worth mentioning. With all the warning they had, the government could have been able to go in and get those people out, instead of telling them the day before landfall to load up their Huffys and hit the road. And the looting and shooting might not have been such a problem if the government hadn't said, "Oh, we don't need to send in the National Guard. The NOPD can take care of it."

Kevin said...

Well said Ann...and well said Josh.

The government...on EVERY LEVEL..failed the poor people of NOLA.

However, once again, Bush showed is true leadership ability...which is nill, at best.