Wednesday, September 14, 2005

No ugly duckling

Mixing politics and sports, the two things I get most irritated about...

In my mind, the first black president will have to be two of three things:

1) a Republican
2) a celebrity before his or her political career
3) running against Hillary Clinton

Of course, the oft-mentioned Condi Rice fills #1 and (potentially) #3 quite nicely, which could lead to her taking the Oath of Office. But now is reporting a new political star may be on the horizon.

This is a little absurd to talk about before Swann even officially decides to run for governor. However, if he takes the plunge, he will immediately be a major force in the GOP movement. He brings a pre-built nationally recognized stature, good looks, charisma, and (perhaps most importantly) political ideals which will energize both conservatives and black communities. And if somebody - anybody - manages to sweep those two off their feet, they'd be unbeatable.


Doug said...

Why will the first black president have to be a Republican?

Josh said...

Basic politics. Throw out all pretense of political correctness and perfect racial harmony for a minute. The truth is, any minority candidate in a Presidential election is going to need a sizable crossover vote. You're not going to have white Republicans cross over to vote for a black Democrat. However, you will have a large amount of black Democrats cross over to vote for a black Republican. And as we all know, the majority of blacks are Democrats - and if even 25% of them cross over, that's still a sizable chunk of votes - and enough to potentially win an election.