Thursday, September 22, 2005

One person gets it...

... it's just not the person I expected.

"Right now we need a president who will help. He's helping. I'm so grateful. Poverty and misery is humbling. I'm humbled to the core that this administration is helping the poorest of the poor. Why beat up on a president who's helping? When I'm calling around for willing hands, I'm not worrying about party affiliation. Like my aunt's a nurse. But she had no supplies. I called my friend Trent Lott, the senator from Louisiana. He got supplies to her. Kicking people who are working 24/7 to bring assistance? I don't think so. When I needed to relocate my family, some of whom were sick and on welfare, when I needed to find them housing, white people opened their hearts and homes. A Red Cross volunteer found my father. I've seen Anne Rice's house. It's in 5 feet of water. People, white and black, are reaching out to one another. If the government didn't act quickly, the people acted quickly. It's no time to play the race card."

- Donna Brazile, Al Gore's former campaign manager, in today's New York Post. I can forgive her, by the way, for one small error - Trent Lott is from Mississippi.

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