Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Strollin' down memory "Trail"

The creator of "Oregon Trail" comes out of hiding to answer our long-gestating queries about his superior product.

I am happy to report, by the way, that today's 5th graders still play "Oregon Trail," and even happier to report it hasn't changed much since 1987. I am not happy to report, however, I am slowly dying of dysentery.


Doug said...

Have you gone to the site where you can play the game online yet? Be warned, it's more addictive than PlayStation.

In the times I've played it, I've been pretty fortunate about my party not being hit with diseases on the Trail. In fact, the only person who ever gets sick, oddly enough, is my character. And for some reason, it's always gonorrhea. Is there a bug in the program or something? Has anyone else experienced this?

Lydia said...

Well Josh,
You must have the older version or something because mine looked a lot better than yours. I usually ended up getting shot but somehow I pull through.

And Doug that must just be you. I have never had that problem.