Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sunday Random 10: Back in the Minors

The Friday Random 10 got lost in a hazy shuffle that ended my week - it was an insanely long week at work (funny that it was only 4 days), and then of course I had to put all my energy into preparing for what was sure to be UGA's complete and utter annihilation of South Carolina. Ahem,...

1) U2, "Everlasting Love"
2) Tommy James & the Shondells, "Mony Mony"
3) Passengers, "Bottoms (Watashitachi No Ookina Yume) [Zoo Station Remix]"
4) The A Mighty Wind Players, "A Mighty Wind"
5) Kenny Chesney, "Please Come to Boston (Live)"
6) Bruce Springsteen, "Further On (Up the Road)"
7) Outkast, "We Luv Deez Hoez"
8) Mr. Garrison, "Merry Fucking Christmas"
9) Trey Parker, "Team America March"
10) The Killers, "Midnight Show"

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