Wednesday, April 19, 2006

'United' we stand

Count me among those who want to see Paul Greengrass's United 93, which centers on the hijacked plane that missed its target on September 11th, 2001. The film stars all no-name actors, and some of the real-life participants actually play themselves (no, not those who were on the plane, smartass). Viewers who have already screened the film - it opens April 28th - are nearly unanimous in their praise, and I enjoyed Greengrass's previous film, The Bourne Supremacy, immensely.

However, a vocal group of moviegoers - particularly in New York, which is understandable - have complained about the film's trailer, crying "Too soon!" when images of the burning World Trade Center hit the screen. Admittedly, that would be jarring if you were sitting down to watch Failure to Launch, but it rings a little hollow to me - in fact, I think the timing is perfect.

I think the U.S. citizens need a kick in the pants to remind them of what we're dealing with, and to get back some of that fire each of us held on that day nearly five years ago.

All of that said, though, I think this poster is asinine:

United Flight 93 was nowhere near the Statue of Liberty or the World Trade Center - it took off from Newark (southwest of NYC), and headed west. I understand linking the airplane to the horrors of September 11th, but that does reek of a little opportunism, no?

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