Monday, September 25, 2006


Yes, it was rigged. And yes, the anti-Falcons bias on ESPN's part was sickening.

I hope New Orleans soon turns into the Gulf of Mexico's best fishing spot.


Doug said...

Yeah, Mike Tirico looked incredible blocking that first-quarter punt, and Kornheiser was a straight-up beast, getting into the Falcons' backfield on what looked like every other play.

Josh said...

Obviously, I'm having a little fun with the whole "rigged" thing (although the NFL might have kidnapped Alge Crumpler's parents, given the way he played).

The entire ESPN production, though, was obscene, putting forth the myth that the Saints' 3-0 record can somehow help rebuild the region, and not once questioning the insanity of rebuilding the Superdome before neighborhoods. It seemed startling when the MNF crew mentioned a football game was actually going on.