Friday, January 12, 2007

The sports lie

Yep, Bill Simmons reads Martians Attacking Indianapolis.

From my NFL picks column on Wednesday:

Terrorists @ Jack Bauer (-14 1/2). The sixth season of 24 starts this weekend, with two episodes on Sunday and two on Monday. Well, I've actually seen all four already - and good God, this show just keeps getting better. Sure, it's far-fetched, and the "real time" aspect of the show gets shoved aside more and more (Bauer goes from bearded and dirty to clean-shaven with a fresh set of clothes in about 45 seconds, for example). It's easy to forgive, though, when you have Kiefer Sutherland returning to his Lost Boys roots in the first episode, and then showing why his Best Actor Emmy was well-deserved in the shocking final minutes of episode four (seriously, somehow fasten your jaw to your face to avoid dislocation). The Jack Bauer Power Hour is back, baby. PICK: Bauer

From his NFL picks column today:

Jack Bauer (+13.5) over THE CHINESE
Two nights away. I'm giddy.
The pick (in body counts): Jack Bauer 23, The Chinese 0.

Any lawyers out there seeking an open-and-shut case?

And by the way, hasn't Simmons been able to figure out from - oh, I don't know, the five million "24" promos in the past week - that this season doesn't take place in China?

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