Thursday, January 18, 2007

Today's forecast: Sonny, with a 100% chance of assface

Georgia governor Sonny Perdue is a douchebag.

If I invented a time machine, my first task would be to intercept myself at the polling booth and write in another name. Lewis Grizzard, maybe. Forget saving Lincoln, witnessing the birth of Christ, taking a ride on a triceratops - withdrawing my support for Mr. Purdue would be at the top of my Sonny-Do list.

Yesterday, Governor Purdue went on Atlanta radio station Q-100 and talked about his opposition to Sunday alcohol sales. Yes, ladies and gentlemen nationwide, Georgia is one of three states that still makes it illegal to sell adult beverages on Sundays.

State senator Seth Harp (R-Midland) recently sponsored a bill that, if passed, would allow voters to decide if beer and wine should be sold on Sundays. Hard liquor sales would still be banned on Sundays, which is another fight for another time, I guess.

... Perdue said the proposal before the General Assembly to allow such sales, "is going to have a tough time.

"I don't support that. I don't know whether it will pass the Legislature or not, but it will have a pretty tough time getting the last vote."

The "last vote" is Perdue's. If the House and Senate pass the bill allowing local voters to approve such sales, the governor can veto it.

"Think of it this way," the governor added in the radio interview. "It really helps you plan ahead for the rest of your life — buying on Saturday, rather than Sunday. Time management."

So according to the most powerful politician in Georgia, teaching "time management" is now a job of the government. Your modern Republican party, ladies and gentlemen.

Now, of course, the "time management" reasoning is horseshit. Purdue is a religious Republican, and is continuing to show his fundamentalist Christian stripes. Not many stripes are uglier when appearing on a politician, incidentally. They make a person assume they know what is better for you than you do.

The most egregious, asinine thing about this is Purdue is essentially refusing to let this come to a vote! Remember, the bill only allows the issue to go to the ballot box; it doesn't automatically mean I can get a 12 of Bud next Sunday. So thanks Sonny, I know I'm over 30, but I still need to be kept from making decisions for myself.

Now are Sunday alcohol sales the most important issue facing us? Of course not - but it is yet another example of politicians imposing their own beliefs using the police power of government. It's a sickening trend, one that has gotten worse in recent years. I used to think Republicans could be counted on to fight this, but now they are the worst offenders.

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Jmac said...

Josh, I think we shockingly agree on a political issue.

Somewhat staggering ... somewhat heartwarming.