Friday, March 23, 2007

Future shock

"I forgot to tell Marty that when he gets back to the future, he needs to get DirecTV HD."

Ok, first, that's Doc Brown in 1955. He'd have no idea what DirecTV was. Duh.

Second, even if you want to argue he visualized DirecTV HD just after the flux capacitor, Marty is going back to 1985. Doc Brown would be getting Marty excited about DirecTV HD a full 22 years before he could get it.

Sick bastard.

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alex said...

It would have made more sense to use a scene from "Back to the Future Part II" when Marty and Doc visit 2015, except: 1) None of the scenes in "Part II" are quite as memorable as this one, and 2) Doc Brown's whole philosophy was that you shouldn't know anything about your own future.

The "real" Doc would be horrified by the way this ad bastardizes the movie.

"Great Scott! I turn into a spineless corporate shill in the future!"