Wednesday, March 21, 2007


It looks like Matt Schaub is the new starting quarterback for the Houston Texans.

According to ESPN:
When the trade is completed, Atlanta and Houston will flip-flop first-round picks in April's draft, and Atlanta will receive Houston's second-round picks in 2007 and 2008. The deal likely will be completed later Wednesday afternoon. Houston has the No. 8 pick in the first round of the draft, while Atlanta is slotted 10th.

What this means for Falcons fans, of which I am one: It's a great move, assuming Michael Vick doesn't break his leg in Week 2. Moving up two spaces might not seem like a lot, but it helps make sure LSU safety LaRon Landry is still on the board (now the oh-so-cute headline makes sense, huh?). That, plus a second rounder this year and next, is a nice deal for a former 3rd round pick who (hopefully) would have never played another down for your team. It also rids the upcoming season of a lot of silly, distracting "Will Vick be traded?" melodrama.

What this means for University of Georgia fans, of which I am one: Once this trade becomes official, former Bulldog starter D.J. Shockley is Atlanta's backup. Now the ESPN article reports the Falcons are pursuing former Raven Anthony Wright, and he's had some nice moments. It will be a training camp battle, though, and hopefully D.J. can see the field at some point in '07. My question for folks more knowledgeable than me: If Wright is signed, will the 2007 Atlanta Falcons be the first NFL team with only black quarterbacks on the roster?


Lu said...

I'd say that was as good a deal as the Falcons could get. I don't think moving up two spots in the first round is going to help much. I'd like them to swing a deal and get Detroit's pick. As for Schuab, he becomes an All-Pro this season (not that that is very difficult). Do the Falcons sign Carr now as a back-up?

Josh said...

Carr will be a lot more expensive than the Falcons are looking for. And please don't imply that Atlanta would move up to get Calvin Johnson. B-U-S-T, BUST, BUST, BUST!

Shan said...

On the face, it seems like a good deal for the Falcons. Schaub's value will never be higher, and "we" got two certain to be high 2nd round picks (07 and 08), plus move up over Miami in the 1st round this year.

Hopefully, this will establish DJ Shockley (or JD Stokely, as Granny Clampett might lisp) as a solid number 2. Though rumors are rampant that Anthony Wright, a former Cock, is under consideration. To which I say, "Huh?"

Have to disagree with your assessment of Johnson, though. As much as I hate to give a Jacket his due, I think he'll be a can't miss stud. He'd look great in red and black, and bring a Marvin Harrison attitude and work ethic wherever he goes (as opposed to the TO/Moss prima donna bullshit).

Josh said...

Even if he's a Falcon, I will never openly root for Calvin Johnson - in the same way I never openly did for Keith Brooking. Even though I may SILENTLY applaud their play, once a Nerd, always a Nerd.

Doug said...

What would really be a head-exploding moment for the Techies is if CJ became an NFL superstar with Shockley throwing to him.

Josh said...

I remind you of some stats I pointed out awhile back.

Calvin Johnson, in three games against UGA: 71 yards. Total.

Anonymous said...

actually Jacksonville has had three black quarterbacks for at least one year, and more than than that if I remember correctly: Leftwich, David Garrard and Spurgeon Wynn.

Anonymous said...

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