Thursday, March 29, 2007

Martian morsels

Kibbles and bits, because linking is easier than writing:

  • From the "I love me some stereotypes" file: A former Miss Bolivia was arrested on cocaine charges.
  • Surprising casting news of the week: Resident "Lost" dipshit Paolo is actually the same actor who plays Xerxes in 300. I almost like the guy now.
  • Speaking of 300 - eh, not impressed. Zack Snyder's previous film, Dawn of the Dead, was far more successful.
  • New art displayed at Atlanta's City Hall says it's "OK to hate the black man." Oh wait, no it doesn't, because that would be bigoted.
  • Pick your battles, bitches.
  • I have always been a vocal opponent of playing one-issue politics, like not voting for a candidate just because they're anti-choice, or supporting an individual solely because of their opposition to raising taxes. You have to look at positions across the board before passing judgment. However, I will never again vote for anybody who had a hand in killing the Sunday alcohol bill in the Georgia state legislature. There's one reason for this: the bill's demise isn't a single issue. Anybody who worked against that bill is clearly saying individuals aren't mature enough to make their own decisions. Alcohol is just the issue this time; those politicians' mindset won't be any different in the future. And by the way, there is no justifiable reason voters shouldn't decide on Sunday alcohol sales. And no, fuckwads: your personal religion isn't a reason.
  • "If there's anything that's wrong with him it's that he's too damn fat like his owner."
  • Exactly three months until The Greatest Movie Ever Made is released.


DAve said...

"I can only hope my latest work, "Negros Sure Do Like That Watermelon," will receive similar acclaim in downtown Atlanta."

Or, y'know, "Shure Am Sweet Tastan".

DAve said...

Well now my comment makes no sense.

Josh said...

Sorry, I changed my post minutes after publishing it. Dave's original quote was my original comment about the artwork displayed in Atlanta City Hall. I changed it after I submitted the story to Fark and it got approved.