Thursday, April 19, 2007

Martian nuggets

Man, this has been one awful week. Just horrible.

I was giving my students a test yesterday, and I got a paper cut on my left thumb. Man, it stings. And not only that, I've been sniffly. Sniffly.

I wonder if anybody else is having as bad a week as I am.

Anyway, some random stuff:

  • Last year, my Atlanta Braves traded infielder Wilson Betemit to the Los Angeles Dodgers for pitcher Danys Baez and infielder Willy Aybar - and man, that's looking like a turd of a deal. Baez is now a Baltimore Oriole, and Willy Aybar is apparently dead or something. Betemit isn't lighting any fires in Los Angeles, but at least he's there. (Late edit: Turns out Aybar isn't dead. He's just a drunk. Nice homework, Bravos.)
  • Alcohol, though, is at least legal. It turns out this guy has been partaking of a substance a little more illicit. I guess that explains why he only went for 15 yards against UGA last year, for a total of 71 yards in three years. Repeat: 71 yards in three years. Of course, NFL corners won't be nearly as talented as Paul Oliver.

  • Back in my movie reviewin' days, I took great pride in my annual Top 10 list, usually delivered (like most are) in early January. Of course, that was when I saw about 150 movies each year theatrically. Now that I'm averaging about 20, the majority of my movie-watching comes by way of Netflix - making a truly comprehensive Top 10 list impossible. Until May, that is. After I get a couple more films watched in the next couple of weeks (most notably, Letters From Iwo Jima and Little Children), the absolutely last top 10 list of 2006 will be in front of you. And the world will rejoice.
  • As horrible as the Virginia Tech tragedy was, we can rest easy knowing there's one less piece-of-shit writer in the world.
  • Three days after 31 students and professors are gunned down, "American Idol" is again the lead story on Drudge. That was far shorter than the month-plus it took us to get over 9/11, according to The Onion.
  • Speaking of "Idol," by the way - because I too am way over VA Tech - I was sad to see Sanjaya go last night. Imagine my surprise, though, when he turned up an hour later on "Lost." (This joke will make no sense if you didn't see last night's "Lost.")
  • Brady Quinn comes to terms with the truth.

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