Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Draft disaster

As they say, "Better luck last year..."

In my 2006 mock draft, I nailed only five picks out of a possible 32.

Creating a perfect mock draft, of course, is an impossible task: one wrong guess at the top sends the dominoes plummeting, and a few draft-day trades throws it even more out of whack. Still, five out of 32 was a little humbling.

After one year of lessons learned, my 2007 incarnation would have to be more successful, no?

My correct predictions
Pick #1: Oakland Raiders, QB JaMarcus Russell
Pick #7: Minnesota Vikings, RB Adrian Peterson
Pick #28: Baltimore Ravens, OG Ben Grubbs

And that's all she (he) wrote. I nailed only three out of 32. Next year I'm shooting for one.

Now, to be fair, I did make some sorta-correct calls. I said WR Calvin Johnson would go #2 to whatever team was in that slot; it's just that Detroit kept it instead of trading it to Tampa Bay. Brady Quinn is in fact going to the Cleveland Browns, only 19 picks after I thought he would. And the Jaguars did take Reggie Nelson, and the Broncos did take Jarvis Moss - only they swapped picks to take the players I thought they'd land with their original selection.

Will this little experience put me off of making a 2008 mock draft? Sheeeyit, I've already written an outline of 2009 in pencil. FYI: With the first pick, QB Matthew Stafford goes to the New England Patriots (they finish dead last in 2008 when Tom Brady dies of a lethal mix of cancer, diabetes, malaria, shingles and AIDS. At least I hope.)


Anonymous said...

I request God to him that Tom Brady does not have everything what you suppose… that poor horror man, better says health for a long time

Dennis said...

Um, I have no idea what Anonymous is saying.

Lu said...

That would be a heck of a coincidence, since Eli is going to die THIS year with the same ailments.