Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wait, it actually IS cool for once

Ain't It Cool News is a fairly lame movie gossip site that is pretty much populated by a couple thousand guys like this. However, they've recently scored a coup as none other than Bruce Willis has decided to respond to criticism over Live Free or Die Hard's impending PG-13 rating (which, yes, it apparently is receiving.)

Check Bruce's comments out here (I've linked directly to his first one). They're pretty entertaining, especially since nobody really believed it was Bruce for a long while - including some of the folks who work for the site. After his identity was verified, they put all his comments (under the alias "Walter B") in a black box.

The fact that his friends call him "John MaFuckin'Clane" makes him even cooler in my eyes. And I didn't think that could happen.

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DAve said...

What's even cooler is what Bruce did to convince everyone on the board it was really him: