Thursday, June 14, 2007

From the "Now We're Just Making Shit Up" file...

And now Fox News gossip columnist/resident douchebag Roger Friedman (yes, a bigger douchebag than O'Reilly) comes up with the stupidest "Sopranos" finale theory:

That was Journey lead singer Steve Perry who played the ostensible hitman in the last scene of "The Sopranos." While his record, "Don't Stop Believing" was playing, it was Perry who entered the diner, sat at the counter, and then visited the men's room. A nice touch.

No, Roger. It wasn't. You diptard.

(It's a shame, too. The rest of his column is actually interesting for once - especially the part about reporters having to sign waivers before interviewing Angelina Jolie. The only celebrity who made me sign a waiver before an interview? Brad Pitt. Seriously.)

4:04 p.m. update: In true journalistic fashion, Friedman has completely erased the Perry item, with no correction.

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