Tuesday, June 26, 2007

So many won't see a problem here

This is what our country has come to, friends. And it is only part of why I believe this grand experiment we call the United States of America is approaching its end.

Texas Deputy Sheriff Gilmer Hernandez pulled over two illegal immigrants in a routine traffic stop. These illegals were involved in a conspiracy to import more illegals across the border (their van was full of them.) Instead of stopping, the Mexicans attempted to run the officer over and sped away. Hernandez responded by shooting at the van's tires, injuring two of the occupants with shell fragments.

The result?

The illegals won $100,000 in a lawsuit against the officer. They have not been deported.

The officer is currently serving a one-year prison sentence, and has just been transferred to general population with four months remaining in his sentence.

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Anonymous said...

wow. pathetic. If Canada had a health care system worth a shit, I'd probably consider moving there.