Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back to the future

Apparently, no one is more eager for Barry Bonds to break the home run record than the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

This is the paper's webpage, just a few minutes ago:

Mind you, Bonds is still two home runs shy of the record. The AJC can lay claim to being first, though. Bravo.

I'm just glad all those Harry Potter fans were equally, if not moreso, excited about Bonds' future exploits than their prized book.


Doug said...

If they had to run a grossly premature headline, I would've preferred "Judge: Life Without Parole for Lohan" or "Obama Wins in Landslide."

Riley said...

That's my bookstore!!!!

That little kid in the bottom left corner played HARRY POTTER trivia, hosted by me, 14 times that night. He was cool.