Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bulldog fighting

I have been very quiet on this Michael Vick stuff, despite being the biggest Atlanta Falcons fan I know. Part of that is apathy, part of that is waiting to see what happens, and part of that is just being pissed at that turd for letting this happen. (Yes, he's guilty.) And part of it is that, as a huge Vick supporter until very recently, I can't stand the guy now and want him gone - and that doesn't require an entire post to express.

So in any case, if prognosticators are to be believed, the Falcons need to prepare themselves for a long season. I've seen numbers like 4-12 and 5-11 bandied about, and bandied about a lot. Personally, I think even without Vick, this could be a wild card team, but whatever - I'm a dumbass eternal optimist.

My point, here: Let's chalk this one up to be a non-winner, folks. Don't place any bets putting the Falcons in the Super Bowl. You should be wary of any point spread that puts them within two touchdowns, in fact. Let's at least, though, make all we can out of it.

And there's one way to make this season worth something.

Adjust your screen if you think that's Michael Vick. No, dear friends, that's DJ Shockley, currently #3 on the depth chart, but #1 in your hearts (and on his jersey, at that.) For you three out-of-town readers, I'll explain: he's a former University of Georgia Bulldog (my alma mater), and he lit up the 2006 preseason but never played a snap in any regular season contest.

Why not? Put him behind center and let's just see what happens. It could be a disaster, but it could also be a story for those proverbial ages. And plus, a radical adjustment to the playbook wouldn't be necessary, as Shockley and Vick are cut from a similar mold of quarterback.

Need I remind you who is currently the starter in anticipation of Vick's absence?

Are we really in any better position for a playoff run with Joey Harrington than Shockley? Let's make the move, and at least give us a positive storyline to care about.

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Don@PetalumaFilms.com said...

Dude, Joey Harrington is no slouch. He was trapped on the Lions who had ZERO running game. I think the Falcons are a real dark horse this season. Vick is just plain *distracting*. Dog fighting, poor passing...Ron Mexico. I hope he works it out cuz he's exciting, but you'll be a Harrington fan by week five.