Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Aaron Rowand. Albert Pujols.

Who would you rather have up in a game-deciding situation?

I've just witnessed Tony LaRussa's decision. With two outs in the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, he decided to have Rowand bat.

This is going to be brushed under the rug, but I am damn near sick to my stomach right now. If LaRussa's St. Louis Cardinals were in the playoff hunt right now, Pujols would have been batting.

The fact the All-Star Game means anything is another reason Major League Baseball is going into the shitter (joining the NCAA's college football postseason.) You can't have it both ways; either the game is an exhibition and you change your pitcher every inning, or it's not and the game is played just like every other one. Sadly, this game meant something to everyone except the manager of the 40-45 Cardinals.

I definitely wish the NFL weren't the best sport going, but I can't even attempt to deny it anymore.

Bud Selig sucks.


Lu said...

According to LaRussa, he was "saving" Pujols in case the game went into extras.
My analysis: LaRussa was pissed that Pujols participated in the Home Run Derby. This was his form of punishment. Either that, or LaRussa was drunk again.

Jennifer said...

Bud Selig has ruined baseball for me. It's not the steroid era, it's the Selig era. Selig and others wanted big hitters, big scores, and big action to put butts in the seats. Baseball refused to take a stand on steroids and implicitly encourage it. It wasn't pitching battles that people cared about, it was home runs. I don't like Bonds, but Selig created him (and all the other steroid using batters and pitchers, who no one is talking about) and then Selig and baseball were caught by Congress (like they have nothing better to do) and now they have to try and kill their creation. The monster is about to break a hallowed record. I hope Bonds does it. It serves the lying, cheating baseball bastards right. My entire child hood has been destroyed by Selig. I've turned my back on baseball and I'm not going back.