Monday, July 30, 2007

Don't mess with Tex

I'm choosing to believe this is a line drive coming toward him, and he's catching it bare-handed. That's just how tough he is.

It appears the Atlanta Braves have acquired first baseman Mark Teixeira and left-handed reliever Ron Mahay for Jarrod Saltalamacchia and three unnamed minor leaguers.

Love it. LOVE IT.

As anybody in my fantasy league can attest, I have a huge mancrush on Teixeira. Despite him being an alum of Tickle Pile U., I picked him up his rookie year, and have drafted him in the three years since. Only this year did my sister - my freaking sister - manage to swoop in before I could get to him. I have pouted about it ever since.

Teixeira will give the Braves a consistent big bat in, I'm guessing, the No. 5 hole. The way I look at it, whenever you can have a Jeff Francoeur batting seventh, the offense is looking pretty good. And the addition of Mahay shouldn't be overlooked. A left-handed reliever is sorely needed, and will thankfully spare us of any additional looks at Wil Ledezma.

Now Atlanta has one more move to make - a starting arm. And it better not rhyme with Bozay Bonsmeras.

2:01 p.m. update: Ok, I like this deal even more now that I've read's take: "Mets and Phillies fans, brace yourselves. The balance of power might have shifted south in the NL East."


Doug said...

"The balance of power might have shifted south in the NL East."

What the piss-hell is that supposed to mean?

Memo to ESPN -- last year was a shocking year in the NL because it was the first time in 16 seasons that the Braves didn't win the Eastern Division. To say that the balance of power might be "shifting south" this year implies that one lousy season by the Braves was all it took to "shift" the balance of power up to New York (against whom, by the way, we haven't finished the season with a losing record since '97). So I guess what I'm saying is, like, whatever.

Lu said...

I like the trade but I think you gave up too much. I think Harrison is going to come back and haunt you. At least this ensures that Andruw won't be coming back next year.