Friday, July 20, 2007

"Hey, It's Friday, Let's Watch A Kick-Ass Music Video!"

A couple of weeks ago, The Girl sat through Transformers. Tonight, it's payback time.

Uh, yeah...

Well, I had meant for it to be payback time. I remember saying, "Ok, you sat through that crap, I guess I'll sit through Hairspray."

I think she's figured out my secret, though: I actually want to see Hairspray.

Dammit, I think it looks funny. I can't really explain why, either. Nothing with the description of "a musical starring Queen Latifah, some 'High School Musical' kids, and John Travolta in drag" should interest me. But there I was, looking at this morning's paper, thinking, "Sweet, Hairspray comes out today."

And now I don't get to use tonight as my get-even card. It's my fault. I should have scoffed at every commercial and mere mention of the film. I should have called it "faggy." I should have done something to convince her that tonight was a real sacrifice. But I didn't, and now I'm stuck with some true payback next week.

All's not lost, though. If I want to really justify tonight's moviegoing experience, all I have to do is utter one word: "Walken." Because we all know, the man can put his dancin' shoes.

So yeah, if anybody asks, I only went to Hairspray for The Girl and some Walken. In that order, of course.

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Sarah said...

FWIW I expected not to like Hairspray. It was cute. Okay, James Marsden was cute and, when he comes his hair off his face, I can see why the tweens think Zac Efron is so cute.