Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Desperation is a stinky cologne

And babysitting!

How about a massage?!

And we'll do your taxes!

Free cocaine!

Oh, for the love of Saint Reggie, just please come!


Carrie said...

Please tell me they are not talking about football tickets. I don't believe it. I WON'T believe it. They should just show the UGA game on the Jumbotron during their game and boom...sell out!

Josh said...

Georgia Tech football! It's FAN-tastic!

Will said...

Excerpt from the AD's meeting with the PR firm:
PR Firm: well, if the blow and taxes doesn't work, can you offer women?
AD: Have you seen Tech women?
PR Firm: That bad eh?
AD: No, I was asking if you'd seen any. Period. We're not sure they exist.