Friday, October 19, 2007

Sir, do we get to win this time?

"Rambo, John J. Born 7-6-47 in Boey, Arizona. Of Indian-German descent - that's a hell of a combination. Joined the army 8-6-64. Accepted special forces, specialization: light weapon, medic, helicopter and language qualified. 59 confirmed kills. Two Silver Stars, four Bronze, four Purple Hearts. Distinguished Service Cross and Medal of Honor. You got around, didn't you?"
-Marshall Murdock, Rambo: First Blood Part II

In 1982, there was First Blood.

In 1985, there was Rambo: First Blood Part II.

In 1988, there was Rambo III.

And in 2008, we'll have - Rambo.

Ok, so I'm not getting how a film series goes from being called First Blood to Rambo III and then just Rambo (as opposed to Rambo IV, or more logically, First Blood IV.) But whatever, I couldn't be more excited.

And we all know great movies come out in January. Right? RIGHT?


Stanicek said...

I guess I never knew how deep your Stallone addiction week you'll be telling us how excited you are that "Cobra 2: Venom Force" is coming out next summer...alright, so I would even see that.

Josh said...

I'm really looking forward to "Lincoln Hawk," the long-awaited sequel to "Over the Top."

Will said...

I don't know if it can top the trailer. I hope it carries that same extreme tone, but I fear soon we'll see an interview where Stallone just said "oh, that version I was hoping to get snuck into Grindhouse..."