Monday, November 26, 2007


A year ago, I celebrated Georgia's sixth straight victory over Georgia Tech with a little photo montage, which I still consider among my best work ever. It was damn near artsy, I think.

The spread - the masterwork - culminated with a shot of me inside Sanford Stadium, relishing the win from one row behind Tech's band. Life was sweet.

Yes, I was wearing a Falcons hat. My head is enormous, and I have to take what I can get.

On Saturday night, however, the game shifted to Tech's - er, stadium? field? hobo port-o-let? - and tickets were a lot harder to come by. In fact, in my 13 years regularly attending UGA games, I've never seen so few tickets to be had. I walked around five hours before kickoff, two hours before kickoff, and 10 minutes after kickoff, and even the scalpers were empty-handed.

So Victory #7 was enjoyed from the tailgate.

A big thanks to The Girl for her stellar camerawork on both occasions.


DAve said...

You haven't gotten a comment in a while, so here's one.

Josh said...

Thanks for the pity post. I honestly thought it was a spam comment at first.

My friends are assholes.

Doug said...

No, YOU'RE the asshole, asshole!

You're welcome, by the way. Go Dawgs!