Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kawasaki ninja sony. Tokyo sushi? Samurai!

An exact conversation I just had with a coworker:

COWORKER: You're just the person I was looking for!

ME: Hey, what I can I do for you?

COWORKER: Your girlfriend speaks Oriental, right?

ME: She speaks Japanese.

COWORKER: Perfect! I have a woman on the phone I need you to speak with.
I can't understand her.

ME: Well, I don't speak Japanese.

COWORKER: She's Vietnamese.

ME: I don't speak Vietnamese.

COWORKER: Well, I'll transfer her in here anyway. I'm sure you'll do better than me.

Bonus: An interesting debate on whether "coworker" or "co-worker" is correct.


Dennis said...

I loved this response:

Subject: Re: Proper spelling of coworker
From: pinkfreud-ga on 29 May 2003 07:14 PDT
Personally, I prefer the hyphenated version.

Otherwise I see a "cow" at the beginning of the word, and for a moment
my mind goes "Huh? Cow orker? What the heck is an orker?"

Brian Lam said...

yeah it sure sounds like cow-orker when it is written in coworker so i guess people still used to co-worker.