Friday, November 09, 2007

Why’z It Have 2 B a “BLACK Out?”

University of Georgia seniors have requested that fans wear black shirts to Saturday's game against Auburn. This is the official M.A.I. response.

Yo, yo, peep this: We’z all like, gots ta put da fear, DA FEAR, in Auburn’s heartses. Gotz ta make ‘em SHUDDA. Gotz ta make ‘em know they in SANFORD, home of da DAWG POUND. Suckas gotz ta shake.

Time for a black-out, bitches. Our playas thought it wuz a good idea, n’ I ain’t gonna be 1 to say different. Gotz me ta thinkin’, dough. Why’z, wit’ all da hate and da strife and da disharmonamonmony, we’z got to go all black? What, ‘chu think automatically makin’ sumthin’ black makes it SCARY? You’z thinkin’ Auburn fanz are gonna think they wallet gonna be stolen by fans in black?

Why’z it have 2 B a BLACK out?

All personal like, I can think of lotz of scarier things than a BLACK out. Like a WHITE out. It’z like you messed up on ya term paper, and have to cover up a mistake. What’s scarier than when you mess up on a term paper, yo? Dats like yo’ grades n’ shit.

Or what about a green out? I meanz, everybody be wearin’ green, da Auburn playaz be thinkin’ about carbon offsetz and how da world comin’ to an end! That would freaks me out too, yo. Dey like, “Oh SHIT? There gonna be melted water and polar bearz in heres by the 3rd quarta! No!”

Check this out 2: a pink out. They be seein’ all these menz wearing pink, and think dey bus took a wrong turn into Gaytown! Dey don’t wanna be in Gaytown! Dey’z gonna get raped in Gaytown! And yep, dat’s scary.

Allz I sayin’ iz that we don’t need no racist shanaynay here in the Classics City. There lots of things scarier than black, and suckas better recognize. Peace.

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