Friday, December 28, 2007

Betcha Bottom Dollar: Week 17

In September, I took a new job in Conyers, GA.

It's a good job. It would have to be a good job, because I don't live anywhere close to Conyers. Forty-five minutes as the speed limit travels. But, like I said, a good job. Worth it.

I pull out each morning at 7:15, and my mind slips into "sleep mode" fairly quickly. You know it - driving becomes an unconscious act, and the assorted turns are made in what can best be described as a robotic fashion. You put just as much thought into this process as you do taking your next breath.

Or at least I do. Maybe that was the problem.

It's pouring in Atlanta today. Good, right? Drought and all that. Well this was the view out of the front of my car at about 7:25 a.m. today. Ten minutes after I left home.

It's a little hazy, so let me point out what you should be looking at. The headlights on the highway. Coming toward my car. And the ambulance. That's the other car facing the wrong way.

Yes, at 7:25, I was driving on I-285 South, in sleep mode. And then I hit the lake, or at least something that felt like one. The car shook like a dog drying itself, and then proceeded to spin. Across one lane. Then another, and then another. I want to say it made only a 180 across the highway, though a 540 isn't out of the question. At that point, I wasn't counting.

The car continued to careen until a wall - on the complete other side of the highway - stopped it. (On the other side of the foot-think cement was a 50-foot drop to train tracks, so I send my thanks to the builders for fashioning such a sturdy barrier).

And now my car looks like this.

And this.

And this.

My body, on the other hand, is perfect. Well, at least as perfect as it was before, with the high blood pressure and excess 50 pounds still here.

I walked away from the accident, and I somewhat miraculously missed every other car on the highway during my out-of-control spin. Not sure how it happened, but again, I am thankful.

Oh, and the only person to stop and check to see if I was OK? A young black guy who would have made me nervous had we been in an ATM line. He pulled over - in pouring rain, remember - to see if he could help. Racism takes a knee to the balls today.

Now the car is in State Farm's hands, and we'll definitely be taking The Girl's vehicle to New Orleans on Sunday. I'm just glad I can make the trip.

The picks, just 'cuz:

New England (-14) @ NY Giants. PICK: New England
Buffalo @ Philadelphia (-7 1/2).
PICK: Philadelphia
Carolina (-3) @ Tampa Bay. PICK: Carolina
Cincinnati (-3) @ Miami. PICK: Miami
Detroit @ Green Bay (-4 1/2). PICK: Green Bay
Jacksonville @ Houston (-6 1/2). PICK: Jacksonville
New Orleans (-2) @ Chicago. PICK: Chicago
Seattle @ Atlanta (-1 1/2). PICK: Atlanta
San Francisco @ Cleveland (-10).
PICK: Cleveland
Dallas @ Washington (-9 1/2). PICK: Dallas
Pittsburgh (-3 1/2) @ Baltimore. PICK: Pittsburgh
Minnesota (-3) @ Denver. PICK: Minnesota
San Diego (-9) @ Oakland. PICK: San Diego
St. Louis @ Arizona (-6). PICK: St. Louis
Kansas City @ NY Jets (-6).
PICK: Kansas City
Tennessee (-6 1/2) @ Indianapolis. PICK: Indianapolis

Last week: 7-8-1
Fake wagering total ($100 on every game, 10% juice on losses): down $2,710


DAve said...

(D)riving becomes an unconscious act, and the assorted turns are made in what can best be described as a robotic fashion. You put just as much thought into this process as you do taking your next breath.

Yeah, this is exactly what I want to hear before riding in a car with you to the Sugar Bowl.

On the other hand, I'm glad you're OK because I would've felt a little guilty if you were in a coma or dead while I was having fun New Orleans. I mean, it's not like I would've cancelled the trip - you know how much those tickets were.

Doug said...

Yikes. As someone who has totaled a car in a situation similar to the one you described, I definitely share your pain and/or pants-soiling.

Have a safe trip down to New Orleans . . .

Dennis said...

whoa. Glad you are ok. GO DAWGS. I hope the Hawaii defense has as many holes in it as your mustang now does.

BobbyH said...

Damn bud, glad you are ok. You guys drink a few for me in N.O.

Anonymous said...

You had to get into a crash on my day off, huh? If it happens again, remember, #750 is a fast, free, Verizon Wireless call to the Traffic Center at NewsTalk 750 WSB.
Glad you are ok.
Let Maya drive to New Orleans.

Jerry Glanville said...

Hawaii and Colt take down the Bulldogs by 20.

Georgia and their coach who needs to read his bible a 'lil less and his playbook a 'lil more will be spinnin' out of control starting about the end of 2nd quarter like that like piece of red plastic that you call a car did in the water the other day. Did you melt too? Ha ha ha.

ACG said...

You were saying, Jer?

Jerry Glanville said...

Hawaii showed me something last night and they won where it counts, and that game, my friend-o's isn't on the scoreboard, it's only something you learn if you are lucky enough to have a PHD in Gridiron Logic like I gots right here on my desk.

So buckle up buckaroo, the time of reckonin' is upon us! Yipee!

alex (the girl) said...

Holy crap! I'm glad you're alright. Hope the New Orleans trip goes smoothly.