Monday, December 03, 2007

Black power

From the AJC:

For Georgia, New Orleans is not a different locale or the one people wanted. So the challenge for Georgia now is to get fans to come to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl at 8:30 p.m. on Jan. 1. To do that, Richt is pulling an old trick out of his bag. The Bulldogs will don black.

"We are going to ask the Bulldog Nation to get excited and try to black out the [Superdome]," Richt said. "It is a great memory for them and the fans, and let's see if we can relive some of that excitement."

Ok, a couple of things. First, has Coach Richt considered who we're playing?

What, are we going to have an "orange-out" when Tennessee comes to Athens next year?

Second, blacking out the Superdome is so 2005.

For the record, I'm not upset about Georgia not getting into the BCS Championship Game. We cashed that check when we lost to South Carolina and Tennessee.

I am upset, however, at not getting a shot at USC in the Rose Bowl, and further, having to play freakin' Hawaii. Our season was too good of a story to have ended up an afterthought (and if you watched the BCS selection show, that's exactly what Georgia appeared to be).

Honestly, though, I feel a little vindicated. I've been a detractor of the BCS, and really the entire bowl system, for as long as I've known about it. Despite the obvious bonuses of the college game, I continue to pour an equal amount of attention to the NFL because of its clear-cut, defined ultimate goal. The college postseason is a corrupt sham, and it continues to be the only reason college football isn't far and away the best sport in the land.

Yes, a playoff is needed. No, it wouldn't detract from the regular season. As I said in a recent e-mail to anti-playoff friends:

Yes, I think the current system is so much better. A postseason should be based solely around money, which schools will buy more tickets, which teams would draw better ratings, and which conferences have greased enough palms in each bowl committee. I think having one game that means something and about 25 meaningless exhibitions is the way to go! There is waaay too much emphasis put to what happens on the field already. I mean, if we had a playoff, we would completely stop caring about beating Florida and Auburn each year. I mean, yawn, right?

Or is everybody cool with how this played out? Again?


BobbyH said...

I think calling for another blackout this year is a little hokey. It's one of those things that is so cool that if you do it more than once every three years it loses most of it's punch.

And I was pissed when they glossed over UGA vs Hawaii on the show. They were like: Oh yeah, Ga is playing Hawaii, now back to THE Ohio State Buckeyes, who moved from 5th to 1st in two weeks without so much as scratching their nads...

Kansas, with one of the worst schedules in the country, got a BCS game over Missouri and Arizona State.

And freakin 9-3 Illinois goes to the Rose Bowl while others get passed up.

This system blows. I just wish a big time head coach had the stones to really jump on the BCS system and call it what it is.

With any luck, WV, Hawaii, Ill, Kansas, and the Bucks all get blown out.

Lu said...

"so 2005" Wrong, just wrong.
Anyway...what amazed me was the publication of the coaches vote today. Some fools voted Georgia as low as 8th and 10th. Unreal.
I agree with you though...the Dawgs have only themselves to blame...beat freaking South Carolina and this is a moot point.
I atually think the Hawaii game will get more pub than if we played another opponent. The sad part is, its a no-win situation for UGA. If they don't spank them it's shows that they weren't one of the top two teams.

Jerry Glanville said...

USC would kill the hush puppies.

UGA will get out to a quick lead say 17-3

Then all Colt Brennan baby!

Hawaii 38
UGA 27