Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Weather or not

Be honest.

You're a smart person.

You're starting to see this for what it is.

You're starting to doubt.

At least a little.


BobbyH said...

Whatever man. Next you'll tell us the BCS doesn't work.

Will said...

I find it ironic (at least a little) to read this on a day it's 77 degrees in Atlanta in December.

I hate calling it "Global Warming" because "global climate change" is far more accurate, and is partially caused by us. Atlanta didn't have the halo of smog it has now in the early 80s. Are there scammers on the Gore side? Sure. But it bugs me that many of the same people who bought Bush's "if there's a 1% Iraq/Iran is a threat, we should stop them" nonsense require 100% proof of Global Warming before they do anything.

Josh said...

Nobody here is claiming there isn't such a thing as "global warming." The earth has gone through many solar cycles like this in the past, and will continue to long after we're gone.

We don't have anything to do with it. It's a hoax with its tenuous roots planted firmly in a grand money redistribution scheme. If Al Gore truly believed in his nonsense, he'd agree to a debate with someone, anyone, instead of hiding behind his "the science is settled" mantra. It is not, and he is a coward.

BobbyH said...

Meanwhile, in the Midwest, ice storms.

'Climate Change' replaced 'Global Warming' as the buzz words of choice when the activists grew tired of people pointing at them and laughing when they used 'warming' to explain ice storms and freezing temperatures.

How exactly did we get out of the last ice age? Farting wooly mammoths? Just curious.

Of course, this is all President Bush's fault anyway.