Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday Random 10: At World's End

OK, with football coming to an end, I'm feeling the ranklings (long a) and ranklings (short a) to revive (long e, long i) the Granddaddy of All "I Don't Have Anything To Write" Standbys - the Friday Random 10.

I ripped this idea off of Doug long ago, but it has been M.I.A. in recent times. In fact, it looks like the last one was on June 30, 2006 - also known as 10 days after I met my current fiancee.

So yeah, it has been awhile.

To refresh my rules of the FR10: the following 10 songs come straight from my iPod on random shuffle. They could be humiliating, they could be dorky, they could be as cool as the lovechild of Terry O'Quinn and Andre 3000. But what they are guaranteed to be are a harbinger of things to come for the weekend.

And since I have to be at Stone Mountain tomorrow morning at 7:30 for a 36-hour long work conference, I'm not expecting good things.

Friday Random 10, the Grand Return:

1) "Christmas Canon," Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
2) "A Mind With A Heart of Its Own," Tom Petty.
3) "Ultra Violet (Light My Way)," U2.
4) "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," Barenaked Ladies (with Sarah McLachlan).
5) "Superman," Five for Fighting.
6) "Hearts On Fire," John Cafferty.
7) "All Because of You," U2.
8) "The Neverending Story," A New Found Glory.
9) "Burning Heart," Survivor.
10) "I Ain't Mad at Cha," Tupac Shakur.

Ok, two Christmas songs, which makes sense - my co-workers are of a particularly religious variety. But two - count 'em, two - songs from the Rocky IV soundtrack?

Rocky IV = greatness. Suddenly, I'm thinking a 36-hour long work conference might not be so bad. Unless that means my boss and I are going to get into a fistfight. That would suck. And not only because he'd win.

The football picks:

Seattle @ Green Bay (-7 1/2). PICK: Green Bay
Jacksonville @ New England (-13). PICK: New England
San Diego @ Indianapolis (-9). PICK: Indianapolis.
NY Giants @ Dallas (-7 1/2). PICK: NY Giants

Playoffs so far: 2-2


Carrie said...

You're Ipod is a genius. And is that the theme song from the Never Ending story? If so that is the best random shuffle in the history of the world.

Josh said...

It's a punk rock cover of the "Neverending Story" theme song. Even better.