Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Random: First Blood Part 10

Obviously, today is a banner day here at Martians Attacking Indianapolis.

It has been 7,184 days since the May 25, 1988 release of Rambo III. No less than 172,416 hours. Exactly 10,344,960 minutes. And yes, 620,697,600 seconds.

That's a long time to wait for anything, especially a new Rambo film. So today, you'll forgive me if I seem a bit myopic. After all, John Rambo is back in town.

Today's Friday Random 10 is not random at all, but hand-picked songs that illustrate my excitement over this landmark film. As always, all songs straight from my own iPod.

1) Foo Fighters, "Hero"
2) Lou Reed, "Perfect Day"
3) R.E.M., "Near Wild Heaven"
4) Bruce Springsteen, "Tougher Than the Rest"
5) Trey Parker, "America (Fuck Yeah)"
6) Vince DiCola, "War (Fanfare from Rocky IV)"
7) Frank Stallone, "Peace in Our Life"
8) Pearl Jam, "Blood"
9) Joe Esposito, "The Moment of Truth"
10) Air Supply, "Making Love Out of Nothing At All"

I might have revealed too much with that last one.

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