Saturday, January 05, 2008

How she fail grammar

OK, grammar Nazi coming 'round the bend ...

Just after hearing Hillary Clinton reveal that her supporters were "literally freezing to death," I come across the new poster for MTV's latest cinematic abortion.

Corrections by Massey.

It's bad enough that the gay man inside of me (not literally, of course) is screaming about the yellow-and-violet color scheme, but come on, can we please have correct grammar in our TITLES?

How She Moves. You Have Gotten Served. Is that so hard?

Don't think I'm only going after ebonics, though. Check these, yo:

Where, pray tell, is the dash between "40" and "Year?"

And goddammit, where's the QUESTION MARK at the end of that tag line? (The fact Philip Seymour Hoffman looks like a ventriloquist's dummy is a topic for another time).

Now you play: Do you see what's wrong with that one, smarty-pants?

As a kid, it should be revealed, I would always get pissed about the "R" in "Toys R Us" being backward.


Cal said...

Enjoyed this post, Josh.
Congratulations on the engagement, too.
You ever see your boy Hartman?
Holler at me sometime.
Live from Macon, Ga., ...

alex(andra) said...

This stuff makes me equally as insane. The mistake I see most often is a plural noun randomly becoming possessive in signage or marketing materials. I automatically assume whatever they're advertising is crap since they're obviously retarded.

In addition to bad grammar pissing me off, I also want to punch people who mispronounce words, particularly when I hear "new-cu-lur" or "jag-wire." Argh.

It should say "Two Weeks' Notice."

Anonymous said...

You don't need to be gay to realize violet on yellow looks horrible!! I'm not gay either, I'm just your typical elitist graphic designer.

Thanks for pointing these out, very entertaining post as well.

-heather from michigan

ps: no you don't know me, I don't know you, a google search for "how she move grammar" brought your blog up. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was on MySpace and saw "How She Move", I had to check if I was getting dumber or if it was the movie titles MTV puts out.

Anonymous said...

"And goddammit, where's the QUESTION MARK at the end of that tag line? "

There is a question mark at the end of the tag line. But I am guessing that you meant "why" and not "where". For a self proclaimed grammar Nazi, that's a very silly mistake to make. But then again, you are self proclaimed...

Josh M. said...

The one at the top, dipshit.