Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ohio State is 0-9 against the SEC in bowls. Just thought I'd mention that up top

From the AJC:

"As far as a playoff system, there will not be one," Ohio State President Gordon Gee recently told reporters. "They will wrench a playoff system out of my cold, dead hands."

If it helps get college football a playoff, I would be glad to make that happen. **

It makes sense, though, that Ohio State would be so anti-playoff. If they actually had to earn the right to play in the championship game, they'd never get within sniffing distance of it again. Bring on Youngstown State and Akron!

(Kudos to UGA's Michael Adams for taking a surprising stand on all of this, even if it comes off as a capitulating "please don't hate me" political move).

** Yes, that means I would kill him. To get a playoff system. I'm serious about this shit.

11:39 a.m. update: I'm a whore. A filthy whore. Because after years of trashing Michael Adams, I am ready to sit on his lap and cover his cheeks with kisses while calling him "grandpapa," with each "pa" accented like a little German girl would. In advocating an 8-game college football playoff, he goes out of his way to make a not-so-subtle stab at the Rose Bowl: "If one of those bowls chooses not to participate (in a playoff), another game could be found to fill the void." Oh, President Adams, I've always loved you so.


Doug said...

Maybe the role of "SEC Team That Whups Ohio State Lopsided In The BCS Title Game" is just something like James Bond that gets passed from person to person at more-or-less regular intervals. If that's the case, here's hoping Georgia gets the part in '08.

Pasqua said...

So Michael Adams' legacy could be the president who fired Donnan and hired Richt and the president who introduced the playoff system to the NCAA.

Our grandkids might wonder why we boo'ed this man. Personally, I've never boo'ed him simply because of the Donnan firing and Richt hiring and also to piss off people like you who hate him.