Friday, January 04, 2008

You can't spell "BCS" without "dickheads"

The most telling quote from today's Stewart Mandel's BCS/playoff story:

"A plus-one is helpful because it gives every major bowl the opportunity to have the winner of that game mean something," said Fiesta Bowl CEO John Junker. "We're bowl enthusiasts, and we think there's plenty of meaning in the games already, but if we can add even more meaning, that's a positive."

Sure, he tried to save himself, but what a slip: a BCS bowl CEO is admitting that his game, in its current form, means nothing. You can practically hear the "uh, uh, I mean" following the first sentence.

Of course, Mandel in all his pansy-shitted glory, buries the quote in the 27th paragraph and doesn't bother to call Junker on it.

(I also love Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese's assertion that a playoff would have dulled the excitement of Pittsburgh's upset of West Virginia. You know, I think I could sacrifice a handful of "exciting" regular season matchups for a larger number of meaningful, thrilling postseason ones. Instead, Tranghese is willing to sacrifice the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl - both yawners this year due to the pathetic, corrupt college football postseason.)

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