Sunday, February 03, 2008


In late December, I was toying with various Top 10 List ideas to celebrate the new year.

Should I focus on the year previous (Top 10 Movies, Top 10 People, Top 10 Brigitte Nielsen Reality Show Moments, etc.), or look to the year ahead (Top 10 Days To Come, Top 10 Movies I'm Looking Forward To, another Dead Pool, etc.).

Everything seemed either played, or just not inspiring enough. Until I had the golden idea: Top Ten People I Want Dead in 2008.

Trouble is, other than known terrorists and the entirety of Boston, I really couldn't come up with much. I'm an asshole, but not one that necessarily wants you dead. Maimed, tortured, pillaged, sure. But not killed.

In fact, there was only one surefire, rock-solid listee. And while I can't necessarily guarantee him death in '08, at least I can do my part by posting a humiliating video of him. Maybe he'll die a little inside, and that's something I can hang my hat on.

(Warning: not safe for work language.)

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