Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Drunk with power

As a guy who generally votes for the candidate with "R" next to their name, it must be oversold how much I hate Georgia Republicans. In a rare political agreement between the two of us, Doug does a great job laying out multiple reasons why they suck, but I'm especially furious over a single issue: Sunday alcohol sales, or the lack thereof.

I've written about it before, but it's shit like this that keeps me repeating myself:

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, the Senate president, isn't budging.

"At this time, there simply has not been any kind of broad expression of support for a vote on Sunday sales this year from Senate members or from the citizens of our state," said his spokeswoman, Jaillene Hunter.

Casey Cagle's phone numbers are (404) 656-6578 and (770) 297-0409. Today (Tuesday) is his birthday, so call to wish him a great one, and maybe even tell him you hope he gets a machine to dislodge that rod from his Nanny State-loving ass.

I won't be as crass on the phone, but you can bet I'll be making a "broad expression of support" at some point this afternoon. Please do the same.

(As of this posting, the poll on AJC shows 89.33% of over 500 respondents in favor of Sunday alcohol sales. But that's not broad, right?).


Lu said...

Ironically enough, I have to roast him on February 26th. Wanna help me write some material?

BobbyH said...

It's just more of the pseudo hardcore religious 'values' that politicians put forth as their beliefs to help buy votes. It's stupid.

jerry glanville said...

No. Restaurant lobby is behind this. Hell most golf clubs were founded so people can drink on Sunday.

Know your place buddy